Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Orders and Delivery

Our butchers love to help! If you would like to leave some extra packing instructions in your order notes, please do! For example: “Please pack mince and chicken breast in 500g bags”.

Do you want the rump cap separated from a whole rump for a roast? No problem! let us know in the order instructions. As long as it is something our butchers can do safely, we’ll be happy to oblige and let you know if there are any issues.

Our bulk beef items are advertised as they are, in bulk! This means they will hold some liquid in the bag, as genetically meat is roughly 75% water, 20% protein, 5% fat and other vitamins. These proteins mix with the liquids and extrude from meat over time (no, that’s not blood in your bag).

If you are purchasing a bulk item and ask us to slice this into steaks for you, there is loss from this extrusion as well as us trimming any end cuts, large deposits of gristle or hard fats from the item.

Don’t want any loss? Ask to keep the trim or for the product to be left whole so you can cut it at home.

Many of our online products come vacuum sealed, the primary exceptions to this are burgers, sausages and crumbed products (they don’t seal too well!).

Vacuum sealing is a method of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing. This method involves placing items in a plastic film package, removing air from inside and sealing the package.

Oxidization (air), is the enemy when it comes to storing meat. In a vacuum sealed environment, less air in the bag slows or prevents the growth of many common molds and bacteria, keeping your food fresh for longer.

Vacuum sealed boneless beef lasts up to 10 days in the fridge, with bone-in beef lasting on average 5-7 days. Vacuum sealed pork and chicken can last up to 5 days in the fridge. We recommend a storage temperature of 2°c for these storage times to be accurate. Higher temperatures (2-5 °C) can cause food to expire slightly faster.

Once the vacuum sealed bag has been opened, this reverts to a traditional storage time immediately, it does not reset.

Due to the air tight environment, it’s much harder for vacuum sealed meat to get freezer burned. Vacuum sealed meat can last 1-3 years safely in a freezer. With temperature playing another factor in reaching the maximum longevity. We recommend -18°C for the best results.

Monday to Friday – Mackay (minimum of $50.00 for Free deliveries, orders must be placed before 9:00am)

Monday Deliveries – Hampden, Walkerston, Marian, Mirani, Finch Hatton (minimum of $150.00 for Free deliveries, orders must be placed by the Friday prior)

Wednesday Deliveries – Sarina (minimum of $150.00 for Free deliveries, orders must be placed by the Tuesday prior)

Thursday Deliveries – Nebo, Moranbah & Seaforth (minimum of $150.00 for Free deliveries orders must be placed by the Tuesday prior)


If you are located outside of the Mackay area, please give our office a call on 07 4957 3133 for delivery options.

We cut everything to order to ensure you are getting the freshest meat possible, we ask that you supply a delivery date, and time when your place your order.


*Prices may vary in stores and online

We ask that you supply a delivery date, and time when your place your order.

The Sinclair Meats team  carefully pack all of the meals we send out every week however please contact us at  or call us on 07 4957 3133 if there are any issues with the order you’ve received

Store Pickup

We’re your local Specialty & Wholesale butcher, with three handy locations across Mackay.

  • SINCLAIR MEATS MACKAY CITY  – 54 Alfred St, Mackay

  • MEGA MEATS CANELAND – Canelands Central Shopping Centre, Mackay

  • SINCLAIR MEATS MT PLEASANT, Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre, Mackay

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